Explore The Diverse Wildlife And Exhibits At The Conservancy Of Southwest Florida in Naples

Immerse yourself in the stunning biodiversity of Southwest Florida at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center of Naples.

This 21-acre preserve, home to over 150 wildlife species, offers an insightful exploration of the region's diverse ecosystems.

With interactive exhibits, educational programs, and free boat tours, the center pioneers in blending innovation with environmental conservation.

Explore The Diverse Wildlife And Exhibits At The Conservancy Of Southwest Florida

Experience first-hand the center's commitment to protecting our natural world while fostering a deeper understanding of its inhabitants.

Nature Center Highlights

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center, a 21-acre preserve located in Naples, Florida, hosts over 150 species of native and exotic wildlife, providing visitors with interactive exhibits and galleries that showcase the diverse ecosystems of the region.

The Dalton Discovery Center and Sapakie Wildlife Exhibit Hall provide an interactive learning environment, featuring live animals and exhibits.

Moreover, the Center is also home to ambassador animals such as jellyfish, striped burrfish, eastern indigo snakes, and juvenile alligators.

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Visitors can observe these creatures in the Live Touch Tank.

The Center's innovative approach to conservation education includes augmented reality endangered species exhibits and NOAA's Science on a Sphere, making it a leading destination for individuals seeking to connect with nature in a technologically immersive way.

Educational Opportunities

Educational programs and activities for children are available at the Dalton Discovery Center, including interactive learning opportunities to live animals and exhibits.

The Center aims to inspire curiosity and foster a deep appreciation for nature through hands-on, experiential learning.

A highlight is the Little Explorer Play Zone, a rich environment filled with arts and crafts, multi-sensory activities, and engaging read-along stories.

Special Pre-K programs, designed to spark interest in the natural world, are offered every Thursday and Saturday at 10 a.m.

The Conservancy also hosts daily programs, where biologists present on ongoing projects and research, offering insights into topics such as biodiversity, marine biology, and environmental conservation.

The programs, including Be a Biologist, Scales and Tails, Ocean Discoveries, and Wonders of Wildlife, provide dynamic learning experiences, marrying innovation with education.

Boat Tours and Cruises

Offering a unique perspective on the region's aquatic ecosystems, free 45-minute electric boat tours along the Gordon River are available with Nature Center admission.

These tours depart daily between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., providing an exceptional opportunity to observe diverse wildlife and gain insight into their natural habitats.

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In addition to these tours, kayak rentals and excursions are also offered for a nominal fee, allowing visitors to explore the waterways at their own pace.

For an alternative water-based adventure, the Rookery Bay Eco-Cruise provides a chance to traverse through Rookery Bay at lunchtime or sunset.

This narrated cruise offers a glimpse into the local ecosystem, spotting birds, dolphins, and manatees, with private charters also available for a more personalized experience.